Shareholding Structure


Shareholding Structure

As of September 11, 2020:

Number of outstanding shares:

  • Class A ordinary shares: 370,352,700
  • Class B ordinary shares: 72,511,760


*Note: Includes 72,511,760 Class B ordinary shares. New Cotai also has a participation interest in MSC Cotai Limited.  Subject to certain terms and conditions, New Cotai may exchange its participation interest for Class A ordinary shares. In connection with such exchange, the corresponding number of Class B ordinary shares will be canceled for no consideration.  Holders of Class A ordinary shares and holders of Class B ordinary shares have the same rights, except that holders of the Class B ordinary shares only have voting and no economic rights. Each Class A ordinary share and each Class B ordinary share entitles its holder to one vote on all matters to be voted on by shareholders generally and holders of Class A ordinary shares and Class B ordinary shares will vote together as a single class on all matters presented to the shareholders for their vote or approval, except as otherwise required by applicable law or the memorandum of association and articles of association.