Governance and Ethics


Governance and Ethics

We believe our major role in the integrated resort industry is both a privilege and a responsibility, underpinned by a commitment to the highest standards of governance and ethical conduct.

Sustainability Governance

We continually work to go above and beyond the requirements necessitated by both commercial practice and applicable laws, rules or regulations. This approach builds trust among our stakeholders and drives the compliance culture of all our colleagues.

A strong, vibrant and engaged workforce is key to fulfilling our responsibilities. Studio City fosters an inclusive workplace where colleagues are empowered by leadership and supported through training to live and breathe our behavioral and ethical standards, as set out in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Corporate Governance Structure

Studio City’s Board brings a wealth of skills, experience and approaches that underpin our decision making and the Company’s strategy and operations.

Studio City is committed to diversity at all levels of the Company. Gender, social and ethnic diversity are substantial foundations for this, allowing us to gain a greater understanding of the expectations of our guests and obtain new insights into risks and opportunities.

Our board has 11 members, including 8 directors and 3 independent directors. Our board has established three committees which are led by independent directors:

  • Compensation Committee
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Nominations and Corporate Governance Committee


Studio City is unwavering in its duty to operate transparently and consistently to the highest standards of ethical conduct. With a system of checks and balances at all levels of the organization, our colleagues play a vital role in meeting our standards and complying with applicable legal requirements.

The Company’s Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee has responsibility for reviewing and updating various corporate governance policies, including the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to ensure its ongoing effectiveness.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Studio City’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics contains general guidelines on the behavior we expect from all our colleagues, including directors and officers, and from agents and subcontractors of the Company. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics includes, but not limited to, the following aspects:

  • Employment practices to maintain fair, inclusive and respectful workplaces
  • Policy against retaliation
  • Fair competition
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Restrictions on giving and receiving gifts and entertainment
  • Confidential and proprietary information
  • Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing

Raising Concerns

We provide multiple channels for our colleagues to raise concerns about any potential violation of the Code or wrongdoing. We do not permit retaliation of any kind against any employee who in good faith reports actual or suspected violations of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics or other wrongdoing. Any colleagues who knowingly provide false information may be subject to the usual disciplinary procedures.

Working with Suppliers & Partners

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers sets our expectations for our suppliers. It not only requires suppliers to meet all applicable legal requirements, but also our ethical, anti-corruption, data privacy and security, human and labor rights, health and safety and environmental standards. All suppliers acknowledge acceptance of the Supplier Code and we provide training and regularly engage with our suppliers directly to assess performance.