Our Strategy


Our Strategy

As a member of the Melco group of companies, we adhere to Melco’s sustainability strategy, Above & Beyond, which sets new benchmarks for achieving positive financial, social and environmental results. Ambitious goals include eliminating the impact of our resort on the climate by 2030 and taking a lead on circular economy approaches. It also commits us to be the company people choose to work for, and a leading corporate citizen in the community with a focus on respecting and promoting local culture.

At the heart of the Above & Beyond strategy is our commitment to inspire our guests to realize that a sustainable future is a better future. Our strategy is as holistic and comprehensive, as it is ambitious. Taking the lead to address our common global challenges creates opportunities for us to collaborate with all our stakeholders and create shared value.

For details of the Above & Beyond strategy, please refer to Melco’s Sustainability Report 2019.