Society and Community


Society and Community

Studio City focuses on the needs of the societies in the communities where we operate. We respect and are sensitive to the local ways of doing things. Collaboration and partnership with governments and local organizations is a core principle of this, and we invest in strengthening these relationships with efforts that are tailor-made for each of our communities. Dedications and harmonious relationships with our stakeholders allow us all to progress and prosper together.

Community engagement plays a key role in our overall business strategy. Volunteering, sensitivity to local culture and philanthropy are ways through which we honor our commitment to the community. Wherever possible, we partner, collaborate and run a host of programs to help build the capacity of the organizations and institutions we support be they charities, government, educational institutes or other community organizations. Through understanding their needs, we provide customized, sustainable support, and seek out every opportunity to uplift the local economy by working with local suppliers and SMEs.

Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth

We are passionate about supporting the long-term, sustainable success of local SMEs through strategic engagement and providing platforms for them to thrive.

We facilitate direct access between local brands, our premium guests and our colleagues through various SME-only channels. In our resort, we provide dedicated retail areas for local vendors in both our guest areas and Heart-of-House, and we run public events with SME vendors. Special SME events in 2019 included:

  • Studio City Business Matching Session
    • We welcomed representatives from local SMEs at Studio City’s receiving dock, to learn about our loading and receiving processes. The event concluded with a business matching session, where SMEs presented their company products and registered for further approval towards becoming a vendor.
  • Studio City Christmas Bazaar
    • Open to the general public, this event provided rent-free booths to over 40 local SMEs to showcase and sell their products and services in a festively-decorated, outdoor marketplace.


We are also proud of our efforts in mobilizing volunteerism and instilling a culture of care in our colleagues. Inspired by our colleagues’ passion to serve, we express our gratitude to our volunteers through various programs, including Volunteer Recognition Events.